Fleet Taster Day | Donington Park.

Donington Park
12 Spaces
6 Cars Available

From £1,500 Per Person

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Available Cars

This event will take place at Donington Park on a general track day. We are bringing out our fleet of track cars down and you get to sample off the machinery! You will spend roughly 30 minutes in each car and learn different techniques and skills in each. These days are hugely popular due to being able to jump in and out of different cars. There are only have 12 spaces available for this event.

Drive All 6 Cars In One Day

This Upcoming Event takes place at Donington Park and allows you to drive all 6 of our cars on track throughout the day. The day is a ‘taster day’ which means you will share the driving with 11 other drivers. You will be grouped with another person and share each car for 1 hour of the day. This means you will get roughly 25 minutes of driving in each car. The feedback we get from these days are that clients love the diversity and thrill of being able to experience different track cars. Each have different power/weight/grip levels and so on. There is no timing on the day, it’s a day of having fun and learning to tame the different vehicles in our fleet.

About Your Coach | Dino Zamparelli

Racing Driver, Coach and Founder

With over 15 years of experience in racing & coaching; our founder and professional Dino knows what he’s doing. He has raced and driven cars in the likes of Formula Renault, World Series Renault, GP3, GP2, F1 test, DTM, McLaren GT3, British GT, Classic Cars, Porsche Carrera Cup & a host of other Porsche road and race cars.

Dino says: “I’ve been racing and coaching a long time. There’s not a lot I haven’t seen! These upcoming events are all about bringing a group of like-minded petrol heads together to experience different cars and not have the headache of worrying about anything. You turn up to the circuit, have an amazing day on track and drive home. The cars in this experience are all great fun to drive and you will walk away having learned some great skills and techniques from myself and the instructors. Donington Park as a circuit is really cool to drive and the Craner Curves are happily some of the best corners in the UK…and absolute must.

About The Track | Donington Park

Donington Park claims a sizeable portion of Britain’s motor racing heritage, being the country’s first true road circuit to be built and the oldest still in current usage. At 4 km in length, with two main straights and 9 corners, the track is a great challenge and provides a great mix of slow and high-speed corners. The Craner Curves is one of the best sequence of corners on the British race circuit scene.

What's Included:

This is an arrive and drive package, which means that once you’ve paid the price, there are no hidden costs or extras on the day. You will receive everything below:

Quality Track Time In Quality Track Cars

This isn’t just a 5 laps experience – it is a full day on the main Donington Park circuit, driving different cars all day. You will get a total of 3 hours of driving over the day, with around 30 minutes spent in each car. You will not leave disappointed!

Typical Experience Timetable

07:30am - 08:45am

Registration, coffee and briefings.

09:00am - 10:0am

Session 1 in the first car of your choice.

10:00am – 11:00 am

Session 2 in the second car

11:00 am – 12:00pm

Session 3 in the third car

12:00pm - 01:00pm

Lunch and refuel

01:00pm - 02:00pm

Session 4 in the fourth car

02:00pm - 03:00pm

Session 5 in the fifth car

03:00pm – 04:00pm

Session 6 in the sixth car

04:00pm – 05:00pm

Final hour of hot laps experiences in different cars

5:00pm - 5:30pm

Day ends with photos and coffee before departing the circuit.

Travel Arrangements

We can help you arrange your travel to any of our experiences. From planes & trains to taxis & helicopter transfers.


If you'd like to arrive in style in the latest supercar, or in a private jet, we can make that possible.


Organisation of accommodation before or after the event can be something we take care of for you.

Dates & Pricing








Donington Park


£2,000.00 PP

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with our days, we don’t limit you to number of laps or time. However, we structure the day and give you targets to achieve in the sessions. We put together a run plan throughout the morning and afternoon, which allows for maximum track time whilst also being relaxed, having fun and not tiring yourself or the equipment out.

Yes, for insurance purposes, the instructor will be sat next to you all day. Their job is just to make sure you are driving with the right technique and making sure you are achieving the maximum out of each session. All of our instructors are qualified and hand chosen for the type of car & experience.

Yes, you will always have other cars on track as the experience will take place on a general track day. But the instructor’s job is to make sure you are comfortable with the other cars on track. Most of our clients usually become relaxed and at ease being around other cars really quickly.

You can overtake other cars on track, but it has to be done on the straight lines and in a controlled manner. You are not allowed to overtake another car into the corner like a race situation. You will know more about this in the briefings on the day.

The racing seats have padding in, and we can move the padding around to a certain degree, to fit your size. We will do our best to help position all of the padding before you go out on track, in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

No – we want you to turn up relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience. Whether you’ve done lots of track days, no track days or somewhere in the middle; we will talk you through everything throughout to get you comfortable and enjoying your experience. If there are any specific details you’d like to know, you can always ask our technicians or driving professional of course.

If you spin off track and do not hit anything; then the instructor will ask you to start the engine again if it’s safe to do so, and make your way back to the pits carefully. We will then get the car in for a quick check with our technicians. If everything looks OK, we will either send you straight back out for some more laps, or for a quick break to understand what happened with our professional.

Although we have a great record with none of our clients hitting anything, we must also accept that Track Driving is dangerous and there is the potential to cause damage. If you have an accident, the instructor will guide you through the steps. Essentially, you must remain in the car with your seat belts on. Depending on the incident, usually the session will be stopped immediately and the cars will be recovered back to the pits. Our technicians will then inspect the damage – if it’s cosmetic stuff that can be fixed, we will always endeavour to get you out again. It is possible the car is too damaged to continue. In this case, we will speak with you on the day to discuss the options.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. However, if it’s wet then we can still run on track but we will put wet tyres on the car to give you some more grip. The car will have grip in the wet and the instructor and professional will teach you how to drive in the wet before heading out.

Fine Details

Upon booking this experience, you will have chosen a date and informed us of how many people will be completing the experience. You will have to sign our terms and conditions form which outlines the following:

  • Cancellation Policy
  • Waiver of Liability
  • Risks Associated with the event
  • General terms

Driving Experiences and Motorsport can be dangerous. We endeavour to make our experiences as safe as possible by implementing thorough checks and protocols. If you have any questions, please fill out the form above.

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