Advanced Course.

March – October
Full Day
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Learn How To Master New And Old Skills

The Advanced Course has been designed to extend your knowledge on how to drive fast on track. The course will take a deeper and more detailed look into the art of high-speed driving, aiming to make you faster by the end of the day. Your coaches on the day will throw different exercises in car to help you become a faster more accomplished driver.

About The Car

We run our advanced course in the BMW M2 track spec car.

Compared to the Beginner Course, this car will be faster and have more power. This means you have to react faster as the car gives you more. Reaction time combined with skill now plays an important part as you prepare for faster cars on race tracks.

Engine Size:

3.0 litre

Top Speed:





430 bhp


Semi Slicks


6 Speed Manual

The Track

We run our courses from Blyton Park training ground. The venue is an ideal choice for driver training with big open space and flexibility. Conceived as a fast, challenging but ultimately forgiving circuit, Blyton Park offers an unrivalled opportunity for drivers of all levels to practice car control in a safe and friendly environment.

What's Included:

This is an arrive and drive package, which means that once you’ve paid the price, there are no hidden costs or extras on the day. You will receive everything below:

Be Consistent, Be Smooth, Be Fast

The skills you learn on this day will be transferable onto any track or road. You will learn the advanced lessons in controlling a car, cornering, braking, accelerating and gaining confidence in driving.

Course Contents

The day is broken up into various exercises. Whilst you sit next to the instructor in our track car, you will be constantly informed on what you will need to do. Our instructors are patient and will allow for errors. Throughout the day, the exercises will teach you the following skills:


Before we get into the car, we must first understand the theory behind driving fast, smooth and efficient. You will be given a list of goals to be achieved on the day.


Compared to the Beginner Course, we will teach you more braking techniques. We will be in a faster car as well, so braking efficiently in the right way for different corners is crucial.


Going fast on the straight…well anyone can do that! It’s all about cornering and finding the limit. Our course will teach you how to get around a corner the fastest way possible whilst keeping a nice feeling with the car.


With our BMW Track Car, getting the traction down will all be about driving the corner correctly in order to be in the correct position on corner exit. The car is tail happy, so we will teach you to control the power in the right way.


This course will teach you how to advance your learning of controlling a car at high speed. You will be given certain scenarios to work on in order to control the vehicle and gain that vital experience.

Smooth Driving

The final instalment of the basics is to string all of the skills together to find a smooth driving balance. Being aggressive and feeling fast usually isn’t the optimum way. We teach smoothness and being able to load the car up properly, whilst braking, accelerating and controlling the car smoothly.


07:30am - 08:45am

Registration, coffee and briefings.

09:00am - 10:00am

Classroom work learning the basics and understanding the goals of the day.

10:00am – 11:00 am

Course begins with a series of braking lessons and techniques with the instructor

11:00 am – 12:00pm

This session will teach you how to corner correctly

12:00pm - 12:15pm

Quick pause to review the first two runs and progress.

12:15pm - 13:15pm

Session two focuses on accelerating out of corners correctly and putting the power down

13:15pm - 14:00pm

We take some time to talk over the morning whilst fuelling your body with food for the afternoon.

14:00pm - 15:00pm

This section of the afternoon will teach you all about controlling a vehicle on the limit

15:00pm - 16:00pm

In the final run you will be taught to keep it smooth putting all the skills you’ve learned together

16:00pm - 16:30pm

Day ends with a review of the morning with the coach and instructor. This will conclude with photos and a quick coffee before departing the circuit

Dates & Pricing

1 Person

This experience is ideal for one person as it allows for time to get used to the car.

Price: £3750 total

2 People

This Experience can also be split between two people. This will mean the driving duties will be split into two. For every hour on circuit, each driver would typically get 25 mins of running.

Price: £2000 per person

3 People

3 people for this Experience is the maximum. This will mean the driving duties will be split into three. For every hour on circuit, each driver would typically get around 17 minutes of running.

Price: £1450 per person








Blyton Park


£3,750.00 PP




Blyton Park


£3,750.00 PP




Blyton Park


£3,750.00 PP




Blyton Park


£3,750.00 PP




Blyton Park


£3,750.00 PP




Blyton Park


£3,750.00 PP

Travel Arrangements

We can help you arrange your travel to any of our experiences. From planes & trains to taxis & helicopter transfers.


If you'd like to arrive in style in the latest supercar, or in a private jet, we can make that possible.


Organisation of accommodation before or after the event can be something we take care of for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Our courses have been designed to leave you with additional skills and techniques that you can work on whether on the road or next time you get on track. Our instructors and coaches are all really experienced in high level driving and are all used to teaching new skills.

Yes you will have an instructor sitting next to you in the car for all sessions. The instructors job is to spot errors, review your performance and guide you whilst you’re driving.

Yes, for insurance purposes, the instructor will be sat next to you all day. Their job is just to make sure you are driving with the right technique and making sure you are achieving the maximum out of each session. All of our instructors are qualified and hand chosen for the type of car & experience.

Yes, you will always have other cars on track as the experience will take place on a general track day. But the instructor’s job is to make sure you are comfortable with the other cars on track. Most of our clients usually become relaxed and at ease being around other cars really quickly.

The racing seats have padding in, and we can move the padding around to a certain degree, to fit your size. We will do our best to help position all of the padding before you go out on track, in order to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

No – we want you to turn up relaxed and ready to enjoy the experience. Whether you’ve done lots of track days, no track days or somewhere in the middle; we will talk you through everything throughout to get you comfortable and enjoying your experience. If there are any specific details you’d like to know, you can always ask our technicians or driving professional of course.

If you spin off track and do not hit anything; then the instructor will ask you to start the engine again if it’s safe to do so, and make your way back to the pits carefully. We will then get the car in for a quick check with our technicians. If everything looks OK, we will either send you straight back out for some more laps, or for a quick break to understand what happened with our professional.

Although we have a great record with none of our clients hitting anything, we must also accept that Track Driving is dangerous and there is the potential to cause damage. If you have an accident, the instructor will guide you through the steps. Essentially, you must remain in the car with your seat belts on. Depending on the incident, usually the session will be stopped immediately and the cars will be recovered back to the pits. Our technicians will then inspect the damage – if it’s cosmetic stuff that can be fixed, we will always endeavour to get you out again. It is possible the car is too damaged to continue. In this case, we will speak with you on the day to discuss the options.

Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. However, if it’s wet then we can still run on track but we will put wet tyres on the car to give you some more grip. The car will have grip in the wet and the instructor and professional will teach you how to drive in the wet before heading out.

Fine Details

Upon booking this experience, you will have chosen a date and informed us of how many people will be completing the experience. You will have to sign our terms and conditions form which outlines the following:

  • Cancellation Policy
  • Waiver of Liability
  • Risks Associated with the event
  • General terms

Driving Experiences and Motorsport can be dangerous. We endeavour to make our experiences as safe as possible by implementing thorough checks and protocols. If you have any questions, please fill out the form above.

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